Directions Give

What Really Matters?

Jesus served, healed, comforted, fed, taught, ministered to, and redeemed people. And yet, He was still misunderstood, laughed at, talked about, cursed, falsely accused, beaten, and ultimately murdered. YET…He still chose PEOPLE.

People Matter

When you understand that people matter, you will become less and less a selfish and self-centered person. Your thoughts will lean in the direction of meeting other people's needs before your own.

Jesus taught us that He didn't come to be served but to serve. That should be our approach in every relationship…every time. We should be asking the question, “How may I serve you?”

Giving Matters

A person who thinks only of themselves proves it with their actions. They are only interested in doing what they're interested in doing or what benefits them. If it doesn't benefit them, they don't do it. However, a person who thinks of others first matches their works with their words. They look for ways to make other people's lives better through kind deeds and gestures even if it's not something they really like to do. They are mindful of other people's feelings and are careful not to offend.

Maturity Matters

Serving the Lord, as a Christian, requires me to eventually grow up in all things. The Apostle Paul said, "When I was a child, I behaved as a child. But, now that I'm grown, I have put away childish things." Maturity shows up in our lives when we can take a back seat to someone else's wishes, whims, or wants without batting an eye.

The older I get, the more I see that God desires each of us to serve one another in pureness of heart. When I have His mind I won't mind serving others…even when it comes at a cost to me personally.

What matters most to you today?