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Have You Ever Felt Deserted?

Have you ever felt deserted? Have you ever felt abandoned by people you thought loved you and truly cared for you? Well, if your answer was yes; you are not alone. Jesus knew what it felt like. His disciples and thousands of followers deserted Him. He was arrested and sentenced to die on the cross. (...At that point, all the disciples deserted him and fled. Matt 26:56)

Paul knew what it was like to face tough circumstances and to have NO ONE come to his defense or even to encourage him. (The first time I was brought before the judge, no one was with me. Everyone had abandoned me... Eph 4:16)


I can't help but think the wounded man mentioned in the Good Samaritan story felt a bit abandoned. The Priest and the Levite intentionally avoided him after he was beaten and left for dead.

As many of you can relate there is nothing scarier than feeling deserted while facing the struggles of life alone. Fear can consume you and it allows Satan free access to your mind. When Satan has successfully isolated you it leaves you with no one to help you confront the enemies words of death designed to destroy all hope of making it through.

As Christians living in a hurting world we have unlimited opportunities to encourage those who are in lonely, isolated, or even dangerous life situations. There are so many that are sick, depressed, addicted, wounded, rejected, confused, or in jail; who just need someone to love them and someone to care.

So, what can we do? If we are spiritual (Gal 6:1) and therefore led by the Spirit; we certainly can pray for them! But there are also other significant ways we can support them. The internet (Skype) and emailing makes it possible, for relatively little expense, to communicate with almost anyone in the world.

Have you ever called or emailed someone you know is going through desolation? Most cell phone calls are free after a certain time at night and emails only require a little time and effort. Have you ever invested in the price of a stamp and written a letter of encouragement to someone who has hit rock bottom and could use a friend? Are there books or other special items you could send? How about a card?

This one thing is clear, God never intended us to "cut and run"" from those who are struggling. When God saw the condition of this world, when He looked at us, He didn't abandon us, He sent His Son to redeem us and to rescue us from our sin. Jesus was willing to leave the ninety nine for the one (Matt 18:12) and he came to "seek and save that which was lost." (Luke 19-10)

Hebrews 13:5 tells us "Christ will never leave us or forsake us" and those of us who are "TRULY" Christ-like believers should do nothing less. Go love someone today, check that, go love lots of people today and share the hope that only God can give.