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Ministry Gift

Have you ever considered your ministry as a GIFT to someone else? In other words, have you ever considered that the fact you're serving where you are presently really has nothing to do with your training, promotion and promotion for Kingdom advancement but rather has everything to do with how you're serving the person over you in the Lord at this present time?

In the Old Testament (Numbers 18) God gave the Levite's help as a gift to Aaron and his sons. The Levites would take care of the details of the Tabernacle and serve as support ministry to the priesthood.

We see a type and foreshadow from the Old Testament Levites to the New Testament Deacons in our Numbers 18. The Levites were set aside for practical ministry. Their ministry was considered a gift to the priesthood, namely Aaron and his sons. They were to help the men of God and take care of all the day-to-day details of the Tabernacle.

Here are some principles that apply to us today as we serve our leaders as a true gift:

  1. God selected the Levites
    He appointed them from amongst the other tribes to assist Aaron and his sons in "service ministry." Isn't that just like God today? We are told from Paul's writing in 1 Corinthians 12:18 But now hath God set the members everyone of them in the body, as it hath pleased Him.
  2. God sanctified the Levites to Himself
    The word sanctified literally means "set apart." So in essence, God set apart the Levites to do His Temple work. When God sets you apart for His work He is placing a demand upon us to be ready at all times to do the specific assignments requested of us as it pertains to our specific role and function. Ask yourself this today..."How set apart am I to the Lord for service in His Church?"
  3. God sowed the Levites as a gift to the Priesthood.
    It is an honor when God considers you as a gift unto someone else's ministry. The Levites had to know that God had placed a considerable amount of trust in them and knew that they would perform their function with excellence. If reading this you now realize you were created to be a gift unto someone else, then ask yourself this..."what kind of gift am I being?" Another way to look at this is to consider Luke's writings in Acts when a reference is made to God's gift giving ability.
    Luke 11:13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children; how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him? So the real meat and potatoes of this for me is...knowing that as a father I would give my daughter the best gift possible, how much more will God give good gifts to His children? My ministry of helps should be a gift to my leaders in the Church not a disappointing "let down."
  4. God gave the work orders.
    The Levites were given specific duties concerning the tabernacle while the priests were ministering before the Lord. This is no different in the New Testament when the Elders assigned the first group of Deacons to handle the details of ministry while they gave themselves to the prayer and the ministry of the Word.
    Have you been assigned the details of the "behind the scenes" ministry while your leader is ministering before the Lord? If so, realize today you have been given a great honor.

Another way to consider this principle is to look at the comparisons of the Old Testament Levites and the Local Church body today.

God selected Moses to lead the Nation of Israel
God selects Senior Pastors to lead local Churches


God selected Aaron to be Moses' assistant/associate
God selects Pastoral Staff to assist Senior Pastors

God selected Levites to serve the Priesthood
God selects Deacons to serve Pastoral Staff/Eldership

God selected the Israelites to support the Priesthood & the Levites
God selects the Congregation to support the entire Church Leadership Team

Now we see the greatest "SUPPORT" Ministry come to play in when Moses went to the top of the Mountain while the nation was at war with Amalek.

Moses raises his ROD over his head (represents his authority). As long as his rod is outstretched, Israel prevailed. However, when his hands began to fall, the Amalekites began to win. So along comes Aaron (represents the Priesthood) and Hur (represents the Laity) and they place a large ROCK (represents Christ) under Moses for him to sit on. Then each of them took a side and held up his arms.

Why didn't God just give Moses supernatural strength to keep his arms lifted? Perhaps to give us an example that we need other people in our lives to help us fulfill our ministry assignment. We all need someone who is "wrapped up in flesh" to come to our aid. This is how God deemed it then and this is how He deems it now.

Ministry was never intended to be performed alone. The leaders who won't let anyone help them become easy targets for the Devil. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

We are members one another and we need one another to fulfill our Kingdom assignment. YOU ARE A GIFT! Now is the time to begin to develop your support as a gift. Begin by:
Flowing with God's Blueprint.
God has already ordained the Body of Christ to need each other. So get with the program and refuse to be EXCLUSIVE and become INCLUSIVE!

Decide you're going to be part of the solution...not the problem
Which one are you? When you're leader is around you, do you bring them down...or do you build them up? Do you fill them up or do you drain them?

Consider yourself to be a gift.
If you see your ministry as a gift, then you won't be disappointed when you do not receive a thank you or even a returned favor. After all, a gift isn't something you give with hopes to receive something in return.

Link with others who are doing what you're doing.
Just like a chain...each link makes the chain stronger. Start connecting with others who are doing the same thing you're doing and you'll discover even more creative ways to serve your leaders.